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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

King Crimson At Elstree II

I spent the morning at Colgan Manor going over an article I'm working on at the moment. Just when I thought I was almost done with it, the damn thing presented a better approach. This meant I either ignored the better approach and had a finished piece or accept the better approach and have to do a substantial re-write. Tempted as I was to draw a line under the piece I opted to begin again. It's actually much quicker second time around because at least now I'm happier with where I'm heading.

We left Colgan Manor and headed for a second day at the King Crimson rehearsal at Elstree Studios...

Today the band did a run-through of their set-in-progress in front of an invited audience. It's always interesting hearing a group at this stage in the process. Not everything is nailed down, not everything works as it should. Some pieces work well, others work exceptionally well, and others don't quite perform to the specifications on the drawing board. The rehearsal is a testing ground in which things soar and fly, crash and burn, and everything in between.

What was consistent in this otherwise provisional landscape was an undeniable sense of fun and discovery, a keenness of considerable intensity, enthusiasm and an undeniable power to the playing.

As a punter the music took me through closed-eye concentration, open-mouth surprise, broad grins, goosebumps and above all, engagement.

There's still another fortnight of rehearsals to go before the band start touring but on the evidence of what I heard today this King Crimson has the ability to go to some extraordinary places. 

Some post gig snaps...

Saying our farewells we headed to St.Albans for a bite to eat and a debrief...

and then back to Colgan Manor...

Whitley Bay Daily Photo 210

Sunday, July 27, 2014

King Crimson At Elstree I

Another beautiful morning in Aylsebury. Dec dropped me over at Berkhamsted and from there I hitched a ride with Jakko Jakszyk to Elstree Studios in Borehamwood where King Crimson were rehearsing...

I'd already interviewed Jakko and Gavin prior to arrival in Elstree and so was able to talk to the other Crims about life in this incarnation of the band. 

A clutch of Crims...

Mel Collins  

Tony Levin

Pat Mastelotto

Bill Rieflin


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