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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Prince Among Men

Today I braved the rain and wind and headed out of the office to the Rendezvous Cafe and a meet-up with Bill Prince. 

Bill and I met at school in the late 60s and as far as I recall all I did whenever I was in his company was laugh. A lot.

We’ve probably not met more than a handful of times since leaving school so it was great to be able to grab some time together today.

The topics covered in varying degrees of depth in our four hours together (in no particular order) included:

Continental drift

Keeping time

The Goon / Python Interface

Children - what's that all about?

The Calvert Stratagem

The We Don’t Know What Happened To The School Bully But We Hope It Was Bad wish fulfillment scenario

The Impostor Syndrome

The discrete charm of voyeurism, Viscount biscuits & UFOs

Class & Sensibility

Why Facebook Is Bad For You

The Bradley Arsedrop

Excuse me - do mind if I'm racist? 

Why Facebook Is Good For You

That one, what was his name, you know, thingy

That was now this is then - or something similar

Education is wasted on the young

Little and Often - and other great double acts 

Sliding down a hill in a tin bath and other poems

Pay attention - your time started a long time ago!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

King Kirby

In the post today - an unexpected gift from Bob Wayne at DC....

Daytime TV

One of the upsides of being ill is that I've discovered a great new TV show called Doctor Oh.

It's all about a woman called Clara and the scrapes she gets into in between seeing her boyfriend, Danny. Not really sure why the show is called Doctor Oh but I expect that it's one of those great mystery arcs that they put in TV shows these days to thread disparate stories together, and all will be revealed in the end.

The really clever thing about the show is that she's also a teacher with access to a time machine that allows her to go forward every evening to the point after she's done the two or three hours of prep work she has to do in order to keep on top of her job. How cool is that???

Oh, that guy from The Thick Of It has a cameo role in most of the stories I've seen so far (he lives inside the time machine) although he's not half as good in this show on account of the silly things they have him doing and saying.

Putting that aside, I urge you to watch it because apparently it's dark and goes into real depth regarding Clara's character, and why she's probably the most important person in all of time and space.

The only real problem is that it can sometime get sometimes get a bit too far-fetched: Clara teaches a class of around 15 or so pupils in a state school! 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

In The Post - Prog Magazine 49

This arrived in the post just after I left for America to join the King Crimson tour...

Pleased as punch to have been asked to write the cover feature for the magazine...

The first part of the article looked back to the era when the band were in the process of recording what would become Starless And Bible Black...

The second section of the feature looked at the present-day Crimson, touching upon the potential future based in part on my recent interview with Robert Fripp...

with box outs on the other members of the band...

Elsewhere in the mag I also contributed some album reviews...

I absolutely adore the debut release by A Formal Horse...

Ditto Meshes Of Voice by Jenny Hval & Susanna..

I also was rather taken by Scorch the latest release by Tin Spirits - a rather finely crafted pop album...

Also Digital Dreams Sequence by Trioscapes got my foot tapping...

Not content with nabbing the front cover I also get a bit of the back cover as well...

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